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Our Institute is preparing the publication of books of 20th century ancestor tables. For explanations and examples refer to the page Ancestor Table Extracts.
Would you like us to research your children's or grandchildren's Dutch ancestors? You supply the basic information and for a fee of 25 we will verify and complete it with data from official Dutch sources.
The basic information we require is copies of your own, your parents' and your parents'-in-law birth, marriage and death certificates or Dutch 'trouwboekjes'. If these are not available, please complete a questionnaire.
For a copy of the four page questionnaire click here
You can open the questionnaire with Adobe Acrobat Reader, print it, fill in as many questions as you can and mail to our Institute. If you need more space than is available on page 2, continue at the bottom of page 4 or print a second copy of page 2. If Adobe Acrobat Reader is not yet installed on your computer, you may download a free copy from:

Do you wish to order one of the publications from our Institute? Click here

For a list of the collections of our Institute click here
Do you wish to receive data from our collections or do you have any questions?
Please send 10 in an envelope addressed to: Hoppe Stichting, Elzenkamp 5, 6573 XT Beek/Ubbergen, Netherlands with your questions and your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
You will receive our 26 page English information booklet, a copy of all our genealogical forms and a quote for the cost of your request.

Are you interested in our Institute's activities? If you are, you may wish to support our work by making a donation or by becoming a regular subscriber for 25 per year.
As a subscriber you will receive our 26 page English information booklet and a copy of all our genealogical forms.

You may be able to assist us in adding information to our database!
Our Institute is interested in information about living and deceased persons who are or were:
born in the Netherlands Indies or Indonesia, the Dutch Antilles and Suriname
emigrants from the Netherlands, Netherlands Indies or Indonesia
naturalised Dutch citizens
long term alien residents in the Netherlands
aliens who are or were married to Dutch citizens
You may forward your information by mail or e-mail
Alternatively you may use our questionnaire.