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Since the twentieth century a growing number of people have become interested in the make-up and history of their family.
We know from experience that this interest increases as people reach middle age.
Our institute provides genealogical information for persons interested in their ancestry, particularly those who emigrated from the Netherlands and Indonesia.
We also provide the opportunity of publishing details of their families.

Joan Abel Hoppe Foundation / Genealogical Institute at Nijmegen (GIN)
The aims of the foundation, which was established by deed dated 11th January 1980 at the office of notary public Mr. B.H.O. Hoge at Nijmegen, are stated in the deed as:
'The promotion of genealogy in general and in particular the advancement of genealogy as it relates to other sciences, the archives in general, the notary public office and clinical genetics (patient care)'.
The institute tries to reach these goals by assisting with, and coordinating genealogical research at universities and hospitals, by providing information from its collections, by making available genealogical forms and system cards in general use, by compiling genealogical indexes and other manuscripts and by the issuing of publications.

The foundation has the free use of the genealogical collection of Rainer Hoppe and manages his copyrights. It provided the impetus for the microfilming of all birth, marriage and death certificates of all municipal Registry Offices in the province of Gelderland from 1811 to 1902 and of the marriage annexures from 1811 to 1842.
These records are available on microfilm and microfiche at the State Archives in Gelderland (RAG) at Arnhem and the Central Bureau for Genealogy (CBG) at The Hague.Our institute has these records and other genealogical source material available on microfiche.

The current board members of the foundation are:

Jhr. Dr. I. Wladimiroff, chairman
Management consultant. Member since 11 I.1980.

Mr. M.C.J. de Schepper, secretary
Lawyer. Board member since 7.I.2016.

R.L.E. Hoppe, custodian
Scientific officer at the Central Bureau for Genealogy (CBG) at The Hague, charged with national archival research from 1 III.1969 till 30 IX.1971.
Genealogist of the Human Genetics Department at the University of Nijmegen (KUN) and member of the Working Group Hereditary Consultations of the Academic Hospital St Radboud at Nijmegen (AZN) from 1 XI.1971 till 1 X.1992.
Founder of the Joan Abel Hoppe Foundation / Genealogical Institute at Nijmegen (GIN) 11 I.1980.

J-A.E.J.A. Hoppe, public relations, treasurer ad interim
NOC Engineer. Board member since 7.I.2016.

Joan Abel Hoppe Foundation / Genealogical Institute at Nijmegen, Netherlands (GIN)
Address of the custodian:
Rainer Hoppe, Elzenkamp 5A, 6573 XT Beek bij Nijmegen, Nederland
Telephone +31 246842857 (12:00-21:00)
banking account NL40 INGB 0004459166 - BIC INGB NL 2A
RSIN 6666619
Chamber of Commerce Centraal Gelderland 410.55.918

Dora Bilgmann 1837-1932 George Hoppe, born 1926

George Hoppe (1926-2012) with his great-grandmother Dora Bilgmann née Voigt (1837-1932).

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