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Description of the Computer Files

The growing number of the GIN's computer files of genealogical data and literature indexes from the collection of Rainer Hoppe comprise source material, publications, reports, family and personal data sheets, data fragments and ancestor table extracts. They are assembled in computer files by volunteers. This huge amount of data is arranged alphabetically by family name for each family, couple (married or not) or individual.

The emphasis is on two main geographical areas:
- The former Dutch colonies.
- The region Nijmegen - Arnhem - Limburg - Niederrhein.
    This includes the regions Rijk van Nijmegen, Land van Maas en Waal, Over-Betuwe, Veluwezoom, Liemers
    (all in the province of Gelderland), the Dutch and Belgian provinces of Limburg and the Lower Rhine region (Germany).

Outside these limits the files contain mainly data from or relating to:
- The Dutch provinces of Overijssel, Gelderland, North Brabant and the region Zeeland Flanders.

   With their bordering regions in Germany and Belgium.
- Other countries in so far as they relate to the Netherlands or to Dutch families.
- Persons emigrated from the Netherlands and Indonesia.
- Prominent Dutch families and persons.
- Persons bearing the name Hoppe and their partners and families.

   Most of the bearers of the Hoppe name in the Netherlands and Germany are not related to the 'Joan Abel family'.

Former Dutch colonies
Some of the source publications (BRP) of the IGV (Netherlands East and West Indies Genealogical Society) will be edited as well as other books important to East and West Indies genealogical research, such as the book about Luxemburgers in the Netherlands East Indies Army 1780-1895.
The index of the 6 volumes of NEI epitaphs by Mr. P.C. Bloys van Treslong Prins (GHG Java I to IV, BRP 5 and in BRP 6) has been recorded by family names, also the index of other NEI epitaphs in BRP 6, BRP 1 (Ambon), and BRP 10 to 12 (Epitaphs and data from the records of the 'Peneleh' cemetery at Surabaya).
Individuals from NEI or NWI, who are found in publications mentioned in the following literature references and in other editions, e.g. the periodicals 'De Nederlandsche Leeuw' (N.L.) and 'Gens Nostra' (G.N.) will be selected and included in their family units.
All the above publications are important secondary sources, because the registry records of Europeans in the former Netherlands East Indies are generally no longer accessible.

Region Nijmegen - Arnhem - Limburg - Niederrhein
Extracts from registry records and some of the indexes from the collection of Rainer Hoppe, which at present are only available in manuscript, will be computerised.
They consist in the main of marriage and death certificates from the Registry Offices (RO), which, together with the marriage annexures (HB), are the most reliable and informative genealogical sources.In addition, the files will include the indexes of all marriages contracted in southern Gelderland between 1811 and 1902 and the marriages in the Prussian municipality of Niel (now Kranenburg) from 1798 to 1929, arranged by the names of groom and bride.
Among others, the data of all public banns and marriages in Nijmegen (the date of betrothal is not recorded), before the introduction of the Registry Office, from 1592 to 1811 and the church marriages to approx. 1811 are available, arranged also by the names of groom and bride.
For a list of publications, indexes, manuscripts and computer print-outs see the pages Publications and Collections. They include many source editions from Nijmegen and environs.
A special research project was conducted in the municipalities of Ubbergen and Groesbeek into the indigenous and immigrant population of the former municipality of Beek covering more than three centuries.
This area comprises the villages of Ubbergen and Beek and the Nederrijkswald (UBN).
Up to 1796 marriages between Catholics were solemnised in the church at Wyler (district Kleve) or Nijmegen, besides the ceremony required by law before the Dutch Reformed minister in Beek or Ubbergen. Therefore these marriage records occur in two sources (DR and RC). Prior to the re-establishment of the St Bartholomśus parish in Beek on 13 IX.1795, Catholic baptism and burial entries are found at Wyler or Nijmegen. We have edited the baptisms, marriages and burials at Wyler from 1723 to approx. 1798.
Our collection also includes extracts of all marriage certificates from 1811 to 1892 of all municipal Registry Offices in the Rijk van Nijmegen (the area east and south of Nijmegen) and the Land van Maas en Waal (the area between the rivers Maas and Waal west of Nijmegen).

Literature References
The computer files include literature references, arranged by family names, of all publications which occur in the reference books and periodicals listed below:
- Stam- en Wapenboek van aanzienlijke Nederlandsche FamiliŽn (VvO). Distinguished Dutch families
- Yearbook: 'Nederland's Adelsboek' (N.A.). Dutch Nobility
- Yearbook: 'Nederland's Patriciaat' (N.P.). Prominent Dutch families
- Publications: 'Nederlandse GenealogieŽn' (N.G.). Netherlands Genealogies
- The books of ancestor tables of the Royal Netherlands Society for Genealogy and Heraldry:
Kw. 1958, Kw. 1983, Kw. 1993, Kw. 2000.
- The monographs relating to the abovementioned scope in the Genealogical Repertories of Beresteyn
with their supplements (GRB).
- The periodical 'De Indische Navorscher' (I.N.). The Indies Researcher
- The publications about Indo-European families by Mr. P.C. Bloys van Treslong Prins (BvTP)
in 'Ons Nageslacht' (O.N.). Our Posterity
- The genealogical publications in the Yearbooks of the Central Bureau for Genealogy (Jb. CBG).
- The publications of the Joan Abel Hoppe Foundation / Genealogical Institute at Nijmegen (GIN), such as the ancestor tables UBN (Ubbergen, Beek, Nederrijkswald).